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রয়েল এনফিল্ড ক্লাসিক ৩৫০ প্রাইস ইন কলকাতা ও রিভিউ

royal enfield classic 350 PRICE IN KOLKATA রয়েল এনফিল্ড ক্লাসিক ৩৫০ প্রাইস ইন কলকাতা

কলকাতার বাজারে রয়েল এনফিল্ড ক্লাসিক ৩৫০ এর প্রাইস সহ বিস্তারিত জানতে এ পোস্ট অনুসরণ করুন।  Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price in Kolkata:-

১। Royal Enfield Classic 350 Single Channel ABS – BS VI (Ex-Showroom Price) – ₹2,04,926

২। On-Road Price Kolkata – ₹2,14,458

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Specifications

Engine Capacity 346 cc
Mileage 35 kmpl
Transmission 5 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight 195 kg
Brakes, Wheels & SuspensionBrakes, Wheels & Suspension :

Max Power : 19.1 bhp @ 5,250 rpm

Max Torque : 28 Nm @ 4,000 rpm

Cooling System : Air Cooled

Transmission : 5 Speed Manual

Transmission Type : Chain Drive

Emission Standard : BS-VI

Displacement : 346 cc

Cylinders : 1

Bore : 70 mm

Stroke : 90 mm

Valves Per Cylinder : 2

Compression Ratio8.5 : 1

Ignition : Electronic ignition ECU/Variable

Spark Plugs : 2 Per Cylinder

Clutch : Wet, Multi-plate

Fuel Delivery System : Fuel Injection

Fuel Tank Capacity : 13.5 litres

Riding Range : 472.5 Km

Mileage – Owner Reported :  35 kmpl


Dimensions & Chassis :


Kerb Weight : 195 kg

Overall Length : 2,160 mm

Overall Width : 790 mm

Wheelbase : 1,390 mm

Ground Clearance : 135 mm

Seat Height : 800 mm

Overall Height : 1,090 mm

Chassis Type : Single Downtube,Using Engine As Stressed Member

Odometer : Analogue

DRLs (Daytime running lights) : Yes

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a classic motorcycle with a production date starting in 1959. It has an air-cooled, single cylinder engine and produces 17.5 horsepower at the rear wheel. The design of this bike lends itself to a more vintage feel that can be enjoyed by riders who are looking for something different than what you typically see on today’s roads.
One of the great things about this bike is its ability to stand out from other motorcycles while still being one of the most popular bikes in India today; it also has a good reputation among many enthusiasts around the world.

What is it about the Royal Enfield Classic 350 that has you so captivated? It’s not just the classic look, or that this bike was designed in England and made in India. It’s how this bike interacts with its rider. If you have ever sat on one of these bikes then you know what we are talking about. The seat, low center of gravity, and light feel make for a perfect balance between the rider and their motorcycle. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 might be older than some other motorcycles but it still holds up to modern standards while holding onto its vintage charm.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a fully-loaded motorcycle with classic style. It has an engine size of 350cc that delivers power and torque at the push of a button, which makes this bike perfect for long rides or quick trips around town. The bike also features an all-new digital instrument console to keep you up to date on your speed and fuel level while riding. If you’re looking for a stylish motorcycle with plenty of power and style, then look no further than the Royal Enfield Classic 350!



I am going to tell you about the features on a Royal Enfield Classic 350. The first feature is that it has a 5-speed gearbox, which means there are five different forward gears and one reverse gear. It also has front and rear drum brakes for stopping power when needed. This bike is not only stylish but powerful as well with its 4 stroke engine that can go up to 35 mph in just a few seconds!
Blog post intro paragraph: I want to take the time today to talk about my favorite model of motorcycle – the Royal Enfield Classic 350. It’s got so many great features, like its 5-speed manual transmission with 1 reverse gear, front and rear drum brakes, and a maximum speed of 35 mph.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a bike that has been around for decades. It’s the perfect bike for those who want to ride on the open road with their friends without worrying about fuel, speeding tickets, or whether they have enough money in their bank account. The only thing you need to worry about when riding this bike is whether your helmet and gloves are properly fastened.
The Royal Enfield Classic 350 features a durable frame and reliable engine that will get you through any terrain imaginable. Its powerful motor reaches speeds up to 50 miles per hour when on flat ground- so it can handle even rough roads!

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a classic bike. It is not an ordinary motorcycle, but it has some features that make it stand out among other vehicles in its class. For example, this bike has a carburetor and a side-mounted exhaust pipe on the right side of the engine. In addition to these features, the bike also has two cylinder engines, which makes it unique from many motorcycles on the market today. The best part about this vehicle is that you can customize your ride with different colors or handlebars for better functionality. This article will give you more information about what makes up this beautiful machine!

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