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(দাম ও রিভিউ) Pulsar NS160 double disk Price in Bangladesh 2021

Pulsar NS160 double disk Price in Bangladesh 2021

The Pulsar NS160 double disk is a bike that has been designed for the best performance, comfort and durability. The frame of this bike is made with high-quality aluminum which makes it lightweight but also sturdy. It features an internal gear system to make pedaling easier and more efficient. This bike comes in five different colors including blue, green, red, white and black. If you are looking for a durable bicycle at an affordable price then you should check out the Pulsar NS160.

The Pulsar NS160 model bike that I am reviewing here today has ridden 10,000+ kilometers. This bike has both good and bad sides which I will say here. So, let’s start with the bad reviews in this post. Moreover, we will know the price, specification etc of this ns160 bike. Pulsar NS 160 double disk price in Bangladesh is given below.

The bad side of Pulsar ns160 double disk bike-

Compared to other bikes, the wheels of this bike are quite thin according to its body which I did not like at all. The front disc is a little smaller. Many people can be seen changing the tires of this bike.

Pulsar nsi 160 Bike switches are not very practical. Because when you press the indicator or horn of this bike, you have to eat vyabachaka.

The back seat of this bike is very hard and not very comfortable. Within ten to fifteen minutes of running with the passenger, the back and ass of the passenger started to ache.

There is a little problem with the air filter. It is a bit adulterated to clean the air filter as it is under the tank. As a result, the whole tank has to be opened and then the filter has to be taken out.

Less space inside the chassis. The mechanic has trouble doing any work on the wiring, carburetor or engine.

There is no gear indicator which is useful for new drivers.

■ It has a lot of power to the headlights, it does not have a switch to turn off the headlights on the bike (AHO). Many batteries have been damaged prematurely.

■ Seat height is higher so people of slightly lower height have a little problem.

Turney radius is higher so it takes more space to turn the bike.

Now let’s look at the good aspects of this bike:

I am getting mileage average 40+ km. Got top speed 131 Km / h.

● Excellent comfortable riding seat. It goes without saying that the hip does not hurt. As well as the front and rear suspension is quite comfortable. The bike will overwhelm you if there is the right amount of air on the wheel on the broken road.

● This bike has powerful headlights. Good backup is available at night, and it works even without fog lights.

● Excellent balance pie. Don’t be afraid to corner. Stock tires provide good support despite being thin. However, if you want, you can put 90-90-17 and 120-80-17 MRF tires on the front and rear respectively.

● Ready pickup is enough. With the exception of the Apache 4V bike, you can ride almost all 160CC bikes in 5 gears with this bike.

Good support is available on highways or long tours. Because the engine does not heat up easily due to the oil cooled radiator.

The disc of this bike is small so there is nothing to sniff. Although small, the brakes support well.

● Perimeter frame has been used in this bike. As a result, the bike has a very strong and good balance.

Specifications of Pulsar ns160 double disk bike

The Pulsar NS160 double disk is one of the most popular models on the market. This bike comes with a 160mm front rotor, 180mm rear rotor, and 6-speed shifting system that will make it easy to get where you need to go. Read more below for all of the information about this model. The Pulsar NS160 is made from aluminum alloy which means it’s lightweight and durable while also being strong enough to hold up over time as you ride around town. It has an upright riding position so you can have a comfortable ride in any weather conditions no matter how long your journey may be! You’ll enjoy having grippy handlebars that are designed for comfort while still giving you good control.

Pulsar ns160 Price: BDT 1,96,500(DD) & BDT 1,89,500(SD)
Engine: 160.3cc,Oil Cooled
Mileage: 41 km per litre
Weight: 142 kg
Fuel Tank capacity: 12 Litres
Available Colour: Blue, Red and White
Gear: 5 speed
Starting System: Both kick and self
No. Of Gears: 5 Gears
Clutch: Wet, Multi-Plate

Engine CC:160.3 cc
No Of Cylinder:1
Max Power:15.2 bhp @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque:14.6 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Valves Per Cylinder:2
Fuel Delivery:Carburetor
Cooling System:Oil Cooled
Starting Mechanism:Self / Kick Start
Maximum Power:15.5 PS @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque : 14.6 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Top Speed : 110 Kmph
Fuel Tank Capacity:12 L
Reserve Fuel Capacity:2.4 L
Mileage:41 Kmpl
Overall Riding Range:540 km

Chassis Type: Pressed Steel Perimeter Frame
Front Suspension: 130mm fork travel, Telescopic
Rear Suspension:120mm wheel travel, Mono suspension with nitrox

Wheel Size:17 inches
Wheel Type:Alloy Wheel
Front Tyre:80/100-17″46 P Tubeless
Rear Tyre:110/80-17″ 57 P Tubeless

Kerb Weight:142 kg
Length: 2012 mm
Width: 804 mm
Height: 1060 mm
Wheelbase: 1363 mm
Ground Clearance: 176 mm
Seat Height: 805 mm

Pulsar ns160 double disk BRAKING & ELECTRICALS:

Front Brake Type: Disc
Rear Brake Type: Drum
Front Disc/Drum Size: 240 mm
Rear Disc/Drum Size: 130 mm
Battery: 12 V Full DC MF
Headlight : 60/55 W Bulb Type MFR
Tail Light : LED

The Pulsar NS160 double disk is a sleek bike with an internal 10 speed shifter. It has a front suspension that provides the rider with comfort and control on rough terrain. This bike also comes in different colors to suit your style preferences!
– Ride on smooth roads or over tough trails without worry of discomfort thanks to the front suspension, which can be adjusted for height from 80 -130mm. -The handlebars are adjustable too so you can switch between sitting upright or leaning forward for more stability when going fast downhill.-The gear shift system is internal, meaning there’s no need to manually adjust it before riding like on other bikes. The gears change automatically depending on how hard you pedal.

We hope that this article has been helpful for you! It discusses the features of this bike, including its size, cost, and warranty information. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you with your decision-making process in choosing a new bike.

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