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Apache rtr 150 Price in Bangladesh 2021

Today we will discuss the price of Apache RTR 150 price in Bangladesh and give a full review of the bike.


Bike Name: Apache RTR 150 Matt Black Edition

Total usage time: 1 month. (1500 km)


Apache RTR 150 Review:

First of all, the Apache RTR 150 Matt Black Edition bike is probably one of the most talked about bikes in Bangladesh. Yet I know why this bike has the most heaters. Anyway, my riding experience is a little higher in proportion to age. Before owning my own bike, I had the opportunity to ride bikes like Yamaha, Fazer and Suzuki Jixar for almost 6 months in a row for almost a year, which was only possible because of my brother and close friend. In this post I am explaining why I chose RTR even after so many bikes. So the answer to that question is a bit ridiculous. I am proud to be the owner of the first matt black in the Barisal region for looking, mileage and signing with me.

Basically, the biggest allegation against RTR is its vibration and overheating. I didn’t feel any vibration on my bike at 60 kmph. Mild at 90-100 +. Which is intense after 110. I ran my RTR at a maximum of 119kmph and had to bring it down due to road congestion. I felt my bike had more power. And I will say about heating, even if I run for an hour at normal speed, I did not feel so much heat. And the good thing is that the engine cools down very quickly. In terms of mileage, I got 45 speed in City and 50+ speed on Highway !! Note that the traffic of Barisal city is very negligible compared to big city. Group rides are done more than my solo rides, because almost all of the friends have their own bikes. In that case, my bike performs well in tandem with their two and a half lakh rupees category bikes including Jixar. Note that I ran two and a half kilometers continuously the day after Eid-ul-Adha. At an average speed of 50 I got mileage around 55 and in this case my bike point was not just vibration. All in all I am very happy and the point is I just don’t have to complain. Yes of course there are pros as well as disadvantages of this bike which are explained separately below.

১৫০ সিসি এপাচি আর টি আর দাম কত

Good Sides/ Pros:

Less vibration (compared to previous RTR series),

Good mileage and speed,

Acceleration is quite good,

Looking beautiful !!!

Cons/ Bad side:

Body balance (the worst body balance in the category of 2 lakh rupees is the worst body balance of this bike, the rear wheel skids terribly, the experience in riding is not very important or there is a possibility of a big accident).

The rear brakes should have been more advanced.

While there is no room for complaint about the front suspension, it is possible to make further improvements in the rear two.

The lower beam of the headlight is not suitable for walking on dark roads at night, but the upper beam is better than the lower beam.

I’m not professional. Very private opinion. May not match you In that case you will catch the mistakes.

Wear a helmet at all times. Ride Safe !!

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