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Top 5 Car Showroom in Bangladesh

Top 5 Car Showroom in Bangladesh

There are many car showrooms in Bangladesh. But here the list of top 5 Car Showroom in Bangladesh. Car dealers from all over the world deals with many luxury brands car for this country because it has one of the largest markets regarding cars and motorcycles. If you’re a car enthusiast in Bangladesh and want to buy an imported vehicle, then this article is for you.

The top five car showrooms in Bangladesh are located in the capital city of Dhaka as well as Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna and Barisal.  You can find the latest and most up-to-date Car. You’ll be able to browse through every car manufacturer’s lineup, including Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and more.

Some information:

The first car showroom in Bangladesh was opened by a French company called Renault. The year was 1988 and the location is Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
Although it’s been 30 years since then, there are many new car showrooms in Bangladesh. In a country with over 160 million people, this number may seem small but that means that for every person there are 1/10th of a car!

Top 10 Car Showroom in Bangladesh with Details

তো বন্ধুরা, আজকের এই পোস্টে ঢাকা ও তার আশেপাশে সকল জায়গা মিলে সমগ্র বাংলাদেশে ছড়িয়ে ছিটিয়ে থাকা গাড়ির ডিলার বা Car Showroom গুলো নিয়ে বিস্তারিত তথ্য জানতে পারবেন। এখানে সেরা ১০টি গাড়ির শোরুম নিয়ে রিভউ করব।

1. Car Showroom Name: CAR SELECTION

It’s a Car Importer & Sales Centre.
Car Selection has the best collection in Bangladesh.
Owned by Md. Aslam Serniabath.

কার সিলেকশন (Baridhara Showroom)
গাড়ির ডিলার, ঢাকা।
Plot No #44,, Pragati Sharani Main Road, Block-J, Baridhara., 1212 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Contact Number:

CAR SELECTION Facebook Page:

Official Website link:


2. Car Showroom Name: Bismillah Car Centre, Auto market in Chittagong.

They provide 100% reconditioned vehicles from Japan since 1980. they strive hard to give customers the best price in the market without compromis.


14/A CDA Ave, Chattogram 4000
Bismillah Car Centre,One of the largest Vehicles Display Centre in Chittagong.

Contact Number:


Facebook Page

Official Website link:

Top 10 Car Showroom in Chittagong


3. Car Showroom Name: HAVAL Bangladesh Sylhet Showroom

Address: Electric Supply Road, Ambarkhana, Sylhet

Contact Number: 0821-717333

Facebook Page:

Official Website link:


HAVAL Bangladesh Sylhet

4. Car Showroom Name: khulna car zone

Address: KDA Ave, Khulna.

Contact Number:  01720510014

Facebook Page:

Official Website link: khulnacarzone

khulna car zone

5. Car Showroom Name: SDL Motors

Address: Sadar Rd, Barisal

Contact Number: 01709-953696

Facebook Page:


SDL Motors

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