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Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh 2023 (দাম ও রিভিউ)

Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh 2021

The Honda X Blade is a new bike that has just come out in Bangladesh. It features fuel injection and two valves per cylinder, which makes it more powerful than other bikes on the market. The best thing about this bike is that it’s fairly priced! Check out the full blog post for more information on how to get your hands on one of these beauties! In the review of the last post, I said that I will ride Honda X Blade bike 2000 km and share the review. I am not an extreme level bike expert. Yet I will be successful if this bike review post of mine benefits anyone.

Specification: Honda x Blade

BD Price 1,72,900 BDT  – হোন্ডা এক্স ব্লেড প্রাইস(দাম) ইন বাংলাদেশ
Edition Single Disc
CC Category 160 cc
Category Standard Bike (Honda X Blade)
Distributor Bangladesh Honda Private Limited
Product Availability Available


Date of first launched: December 2018 in India. 14 December of 2019 In Bangladesh.

The HONDA X BLADE bike has 162.71 CC. Since I bought the bike, no one has ridden a kilometer except me, I have ridden completely. I have given two big tours in my spare time. There were a few more 80-90 km rides. I maintained 4000 RPM all the time and drove the car. In the two long trips I occasionally picked up a maximum of 5000RPM twice. I have changed the engine oil 3 times in these tours. 482 for the first time, 1017 for the second time and 1850 for the third time.

I have heard many problems with this bike. Notable among these are- gear problems, low car, poor paint quality, pickup problems and many more. I have never personally encountered such problems. The minus the gear error was due to the class being caught. It never happens if the class is held correctly. Regarding the speed breaker, I would say that if you drive at a speed of 40-50 on the speed breaker, it will hit the bottom of any vehicle. I drove over a lot of big speed breakers with Pillion. My weight is 64+ kg, Pillion’s weight is 60+. When the bike was speeding below 20, it didn’t go anywhere.

Mileage: From the day of buying the car, I have taken a total octane of Rs. 3220 which is 36.17 liters per liter. As of now 2000 km +. If I calculate about 3 liters of octane in two more spots of meter, I get 60.17 mileage per liter. In the 160cc segment, this bike is one of the best mileage bikes on the roads of Bangladesh, which does not seem to have any chance to deny. But of course the mileage is defended on the rider.

Seating position: I have ridden many brands of bikes since 1994. Comfort like this bike has not been found in any other bike yet. Also, everyone sitting in the Pillion seat said it was incredibly comfortable.

Braking system: Before, when there were no bbs or abs, people still rode bikes and still do. Yet many bikers do not know what the engine brakes are. Again, many people think that if you brake without class, the engine will be damaged. I rode the bike from Rangamati to Kaptai Moto GP Road (Assam Basti Road), where there were many bucks that were filled with sand. But where did one point amount skid. Braking also depends on the skill of the rider. Although it is not wrong to expect ABS braking system in today’s age of technology. But considering the price of the car, I hope you tell me how CBS or ABS.

Wheel: It must be said that if the front wheel was a little thicker, more confidence would increase. But since I have never been dissatisfied with driving on smooth wheels for many years. So here too there has been no problem so far. I picked up as much speed as I could control. The subject of control varies on the rider. He who speeds more than his skill will skid on a 200 size wheel and have an accident. However, if the front wheel was 100 and the rear wheel was 140, it would be all is gold. But you have to think about the price.

Headlights: The headlights are at the top in the new position when adjusted. All right on the single way road. But a car from the offsite on Double Way Road is actually okay too. But more than one car actually lacks fog lights. That means headlights are not suitable for highways. In CBR or R15, it seems that many people put extra fog lights on the highway. There is nothing X BLADE.

Horn: The stock horn is like a 100cc bike. This is a place where the company could offer a little better. Let’s put a new model. So now all is well.

Paint quality: At present, the paint quality of all the cars coming from India to Bangladesh is not good. I think this one place has done the most damage to reduce the price of cars.

ENGINE: X BLADE’S ENGINE SOUND !!! Ah listen to what I have to say. I guarantee the annoyance will never come. It is not yet time to say more than that about the engine.

look: X BLADE is XBLADE e. In my opinion the best look buke in this segment. However, not everyone has the same choice. So many people may not like it.

Top Speed: I never encourage or ask anyone about this one. A very bad thing is that many people overdo it with top speed. Just pick up as much speed as I need. There is no bravery in speed, there is shame and death if you do not control the speed.

Criticism: Due to the fact that there are many new models of updated bikes in the market, no single bike can satisfy a biker. Every bike is good. Each bike is best in own place. I think no biker can criticize him without riding a bike. So I will tell those who talk nonsense about this car without driving X BLADE- brother, drive a little first then say what is bad in your eyes.


Specification Honda X Blade 160

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The Honda X Blade is an affordable with good fuel efficiency. The price of the bike in Bangladesh, as well as its mileage and speed specs are also provided.
The Honda Xblade is a motorcycle that has great features like good fuel efficiency and low prices. It’s a perfect match for any kind of rider looking for a reliable machine at an affordable price.

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